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gau16 12-07-17 08:53 AM

Water Temp Related to Trout
Taking a day off from the Hooch in a round about way to commit to my theory.

Briefly expressed this theory to Jerry on a day in which water was below 56 deg and wading fishermen, including myself, had minimal fish catches but he and some other boat fishermen had decent days.

My theory as it relates to the Hooch and only the Hooch is that once water dips below say 56 deg then the bite for wading fishermen turns off. And it turns off because fish that would normally sit up shallower for wading fishermen, move to deeper pockets and pools where the water is slightly warmer?

Again, only my theory but I think it has at least some ground to stand on. On the coldest days and coldest water days I have had sub par or skunked days. The fish seem to become very lethargic and lock jaw.

Anyone else think I may be a tiny bit in the right?

Dylar 12-07-17 10:30 AM

Honestly, 56 would normally be considered squarely in the middle of the temperature range where brown and rainbow are most active. Feeding would be expected to tail off drastically somewhere around 65 on the high end and 45 on the low end. Mid 50s is pretty much ideal, though.

gau16 12-07-17 10:34 AM

Right, that is what I would think. For some reason when it gets in that range here I never seem to have much luck.

Maybe worth getting out today and testing my theory, ha.

Dylar 12-07-17 10:36 AM

Did a quick search. Some fly shop had this handy dandy page.

Dylar 12-07-17 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by gau16 (Post 888827)
Right, that is what I would think. For some reason when it gets in that range here I never seem to have much luck.

Maybe worth getting out today and testing my theory, ha.

I mean, on a tough day, you kind of expect more success from the folks in the boats just because they cover way more water and present to more fish.

ChaChung 12-07-17 11:25 AM

The largest brown I caught (not that big compared to others) was during that weekend after the ice storm in January. It was about 28 degrees outside so I'm guessing water temps were pretty low. I had a great day that day at Judges... about 6-7 in a couple of hours including a nice 17-18 inch brown.

I'm no expert but I'm plan on going out tomorrow morning in the sleet to test out your theory. I'll let you know how it goes... hope I can prove your theory wrong. =)

UncleJesse 12-07-17 01:35 PM

Skinny water heats up faster than deep water, so if it is 56 air temp and the sun in shining, the deeper water may be more comfortable to trout because it is warmer in the shallows. The body colors of the fish should heat the fish faster than the water around the fish also. Radiant heat may be your issue.

gau16 12-07-17 01:53 PM

Thanks for all the thoughts on this. It also could be one of those things where I have just not caught many fish on days like that so it just sticks out in my mine. Like Charles has caught his best fish on a cold day.

It is very interesting how river to river and even sections of a river can behave differently.

Windknot 12-07-17 04:15 PM

See Dredger's Weekly Report in the GI Forum.

gau16 12-07-17 05:00 PM

That's a great explanation!

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