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toddwchandler 12-14-17 04:38 PM

Is A Dicks Creek Trip Worth It This Time Of Year
Hey guys,

I enjoy fishing Dicks Creek in the spring and summer but have never spent any time up there in the fall/winter months. I did not get to fish as much as I had hoped in the spring and summer this year and have the itch. Is there a reasonable chance of catching something up there this time of year?

Fishbreath 12-14-17 07:06 PM

Decent chance at wild fish if you fish small natural flies/lures, however you'd be hard pressed to find a stocked fish up there this time of year.

natureman 12-14-17 07:57 PM

There is a gate on the road at Dicks Creek Falls that I think is closed during the winter months. However, you still walk upstream

fishtacos 12-15-17 10:27 AM

I love a well-punctuated subject line.

scuds&suds 01-12-18 08:50 AM

I went up last weekend and after fighting icy banks, stiff waders and frozen guides I managed to spook some trout. Tiny midge patterns and delicate presentations were key, I only had one. After spooking 3 or 4 rainbows and wondering what the first signs of frost bite and hypothermia were I warmed up in the car for a bit.

The great thing about Dick's Creek is that you can fish a few good spots without wading. Casting reminded me of trying to do calculus in college and after managing a back cast or bow and arrow to spooky fish I ended up just taking in the fact I was on a really cool creek by myself.

They're hiding but they're in Dick's Creek if you're creepy enough.

Killer Kyle 01-18-18 10:28 PM


Originally Posted by fishtacos (Post 889318)
I love a well-punctuated subject line.

Valuable input!

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