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RIVER FISHERMAN 12-18-17 08:02 PM

I will be on the hooch tues. morning, but don't know were to go. I think I will go jones bridge as I have read that a lot of wading water there. If you can help me out let me know, don't know a thing about JONES bridge. Is the fishing
any good there and where? also what about PACES?

Shellfish 12-18-17 09:25 PM

I would go to the DH at Paces.

Steve Hudson 12-18-17 10:40 PM

A great suggestion!
DH at Paces Mill should be great. You just might have one of those days you never forget!

Also, if I may humbly suggest it, you might enjoy my new book CHATTAHOOCHEE TROUT. Lots of detail on how and where to fish the Chattahoochee trout water, including the headwaters as well as the tailwaters. It's available from many NGTO sponsor fly shops, and signed copies are available from



RIVER FISHERMAN 12-19-17 08:32 AM

chattahoocee Trout
I'm reading that book right now STEVE and enjoy it!

yaker 12-19-17 09:06 PM

I was at the dam today about 2 o’clock. I noticed on the gauge today at the dam they pulsed just before noon. When they do that do they sound the sirens? The recording said no generation for today. I’m wondering how we would know that they’re pulsing as opposed to beginning extended generation. Just trying to avoid taking a dunking as I have done in the past.

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