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BearGoneFishin' 12-19-17 01:14 PM

Giant trevallies
Has anyone seen this?

New frontier: Huckin' bird patterns to Giant Trevallies

I_got_skunked 12-19-17 08:19 PM

orey10m 12-29-17 10:08 AM

That has to be the most amazing thing I've seen in a long time

BearGoneFishin' 12-29-17 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by I_got_skunked (Post 889513)

That is awesome! hadn't seen that before

stodgeball 12-30-17 10:58 AM


River Rambler 12-30-17 12:59 PM

Good Lawd!

scallen2112 01-04-18 04:01 PM

Well, I guess you wouldn't have to worry about tripping feathers and tying them into a fly - just use the whole bird. And that soft landing? Naw, just wave it around in the air.

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