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JerryG 12-23-17 10:19 AM

ID these baitfish
I first started noticing these guys hanging in the rocks at the base of the ramp back in the late summer and from I can tell, they're growing.

In late summer they were around 1.5 to 2 inches I'd guess, where the big one I saw yesterday was closer in the 3.5 inch range. Perfect forage size that we need for the mid size class browns.

Their color appears to be a greyish with light grey verticle bars and one yesterday had alot of red around his (bulging) eyes. Not really sure what's up there.

I haven't seen them anywhere else, and I've even wondered in the beginning if Ganesh offerings were drawing them to the ramp.... but they're still there and I haven't seen any rice or food other wise being dumped.

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JerryG 12-23-17 10:23 AM

Hopefully some of these skinny girls can find them

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Swamp Angel 12-23-17 11:04 AM

The first one is Henry, the second one is James, and the third one was Eric. (Not many people get a shot of Eric. He's a bit bashful.)

As for the second post, it looks like Ethel needs to put on a few pounds. She always has been one to try to wear her high school prom dress to her class reunion. ;)

Hope you can get out and hook a few more during the holiday weekend!:cheers:

Sighter 12-23-17 12:49 PM

Though I'm not sure of their ID, don't forget to account for some warm water species that make a home in the Hooch. I've caught some bass out of the Hooch Tailwater and I know others have caught catfish, it wouldn't surprise me if some of those baitfish from various creeks made a home in there too.

browniez 12-23-17 01:26 PM

The first almost looks like a baby bass. Could be some smaller maturing panfish.

I've seen them as well and I can't make a solid ID.

Sighter 12-23-17 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by browniez (Post 889681)
The first almost looks like a baby bass. Could be some smaller maturing panfish.

I've seen them as well and I can't make a solid ID.

Time to do some Microfishing Alex, it'd be funny to see you target 3-4inch fish after dedicating yourself to big browns haha

Trout "R" 12-23-17 09:58 PM

If you can see it you can catch it. It just may take some time and hard work guys.
Can't wait to see what your PICS produce.

Aardvark 12-23-17 10:25 PM

I would guess sunfish. Any tiny fly should help out with the verification.

WPrich 12-23-17 11:06 PM

I know on a lot of the reservoirs I've fished it seems to always be warmouth and/or green sunfish around the boat ramps hiding in the rocks. They're pretty aggressive so if you pull anything they think is edible through it's a good chance they'll try to eat it and you'll get to ID it if it's those little guys.

splatek16 12-24-17 07:46 AM

I second rich.
Green sunfish love the docks, also good to know swamp angel is on a forest name basis. Lol
That brown is straight anorexic. Dang girl!

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