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Big T 01-29-18 08:42 AM

It's probably time
I have been blessed with good sight thus far but age has crept up on me and I need to start considering some help. I finally went to the eye doctor, and while I could use some help its still optional. Most of the solutions have some drawback so for now I think I just want to go with something to help me tie tiny stuff on.

Are the flip down cheaters my best option?

3-wt 01-29-18 09:16 AM

Big T, I have an issue with this also, mainly where it's shady. In decent sunlight I can generally hold the hook eye up to the light and make do. I use the Flying Fisherman amber lense glasses you've recommended before, so I'll often just flip those down and out of the way. To your question, though, I'm not aware yet of another solution other than the flippers, and I've been told AO sells them. MM

splatek16 01-29-18 09:20 AM

Recently, after a fishing outing, I arrived home to a GF that asked "do you want to go to Bass pro shops?" I am used to her just having my beer ready, but this was a new twist. At any rate, after browsing around overpriced hooks, beads and god knows what else, I saw these sunglasses that had the magnifiers in them; like bifocals, but magnifiers. I tried them on and at first they seem to be distracting, but then I started to think about it: If I position my camera JUST RIGHT, the tiny little fish I catch could be made to look like the ones all those bucknasty chasers catch... Alas, I did not purchase them, but I think this, too, could be an added benefit to the flip-n-cheaters....


RScott 01-29-18 10:46 AM

Old and degrading

ferrulewax 01-29-18 10:59 AM

My dad really likes the bifocal sunglasses. Luckily, I don't yet face this problem, but I'm sure I will soon enough.

He prefers the Smith Optics Bifocal magnifiers for trout fishing, where one has to tie many more knots, as the magnifiers take up a bigger area of the lens space. This makes the magnifiers easier to use. For stripers, bass, and saltwater, he likes the costa version because the magnifiers are smaller and more out of the way for general use.

Prowler 01-29-18 11:00 AM

I have two pair of the flip downs and ended up just going with high powered cheap readers that I keep in the side pocket of my vest. I like them better. Ideally I would like my costas to be prescription but I'm gonna have to wait on that until I have deep pockets like T!! ::ke:

ferrulewax 01-29-18 11:09 AM

You may also check out the magnetic magnifiers. I know some guys that keep these looped around their necks and use them all the time.

Not sure if this is the original brand:

NetBoy 01-29-18 11:22 AM

I love my flippers. But I had to duct tape them to my hat so I look stupid.

Dave375 01-29-18 11:34 AM

If you are not at the needing prescription glasses stage yet then I also found the sunglasses with magnifiers to work well. Recommend also having a cheap pair of readers with you because they will work regardless of light conditions.
Draw backs to the readers are it takes a little more time to fish them out of your pocket and often need to defog them at each use. Draw backs to the sunglasses with magnifiers are if you go with the small bifocal section you need to position your hands just so to see to tie the knots. If you go with the larger bifocal you're vision can be distorted when looking straight down for the next place to put your foot while wading, going down stairs, etc. The flippers work well for a lot of people, I could never get used to them.

Big T 01-29-18 11:38 AM

Thanks guys, confirmed what I feared which is a drawback to each solution. I will start with the cheap experiment options before I go prescription sunglasses.

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