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Brotherbear 01-30-18 09:50 PM

Water Whizz
Check out this universal weed whacker attachment= trolling motor :cool:
several YouTube videos.

Philhutch80 02-13-18 03:26 PM

That is pretty cool

There is a link to it. There are definitely pros vs cons with it such as noise, having to start the motor and converting from the weed whacker to trolling motor. Love the concept though. Wonder if they made a jet attachment...
THAT would be cool! Nice post BB!:cheers:

Sighter 02-13-18 05:02 PM

I am definitely going to try and attach this to my canoe. It has a square back so it should work...

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splatek16 02-13-18 06:22 PM

All I saw in the video were tatted blondes, link must be broke.

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