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baldea 02-05-18 02:29 PM

White Water Bucket Brigade-Monday Feb. 19th
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Ok all here is another round for the buckets to show up to help stock White Water.


The state uses Track It Forward for volunteer hour tracking. This hour recording platform allows you to enter your own volunteer hours, see your time sheet, and see where you are on the path to incentives.

This volunteer hour-recording platform will replace any current time recording efforts, allowing WRD to become more efficient. Given that this is a new program, we do ask that you be patient with this new process.

Please go to the GA DNR website to complete the volunteer application. Link below. It takes only a few seconds to register and it will help if you can get this done before the stocking.

For those that don't or can't register online, it does not prohibit you from coming out. A PDF of the waiver will be attached to this thread and I'll bring copies to the event as well. There is a new waiver so please don't use any old ones from past events.

Register online by following this link.

When: Monday February 19, 2018. The truck plans on arriving by 10:00 am. But as we all know Atlanta traffic, the truck could arrive early or a little late. Please plan ahead as parking is limited. Also do not block the entrance for the stocking truck or if there is a need for emergency vehicles to get to the park! The last stocking cars were parked all over and it was very difficult for the truck to leave. Please do not park where there are signs that state NO PARKING.

Where: Chattahoochee River at White Water park. Don't forget to pay for parking or better yet display your annual pass!
4058 Whitewater Creek Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

What do I need? Signed waiver and please bring a CLEAN 5 gallon bucket. This means no nasty chemicals, concrete or any other stuff in it.

What should I expect? Be prepared to tote your bucket of water full of splashing fish to the river. You will need to carry the bucket approximately 200 feet to the river. You will get wet so put on your waders, rain jacket and whatever else you feel necessary. This is a rain or shine event.

This is a great opportunity to bring any kids that are out of school to experience this stocking. Of course there will be a few that will stick around and educate our new friends before they swim off to other sections of the river. Junk flies are the fly of the day, but be prepared to swap them up occasionally also.

Looking forward to seeing all the happy faces and let me know if there are any questions.

Big T 02-12-18 07:29 PM

This is just around the corner. Let's make the DH great again. Perfect time to take a kid catching, and get the volunteer spirit started at a young age.

baldea 02-12-18 09:45 PM

And say a prayer or two, sacrifice whatever you sacrifice, pull out Voodoo dolls.... and hope the river clears a bit by then!

Always a good time to come out with a kid. And the catching ainít bad too.

splatek16 02-16-18 02:06 PM

Reminder about this awesome event!
I did it last year and it was fun; and there were fish to catch!
This year is going to be tough, because I am supposed to teach all day... Spencer, however, is off from school... I might have to take a personal day...

At any rate, get out there. even if you / your kid doesn't catch any, you get to see some of the "hogs" they toss in the lower part of the river!

splatek16 02-16-18 02:25 PM

Actually my avatar picture is from a day or two after the Bucket Brigade in the parking lot at whitewater; I forgot who took that pic, but it's one of my favorites. We were both complete and utter newbies at the time of that photograph (and haven't really gotten much better), but we each caught at least one stocked rainbow.

baldea 02-19-18 06:58 AM

Just realized I had the wrong address. Original post has been corrected with the right address. Hope to see you later this morning.

Whitewater Creek Trails
4058 Whitewater Creek Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30327

baldea 02-19-18 03:44 PM

Thank you to everyone that made it this morning. North Paulding High school had their normal crew out stocking. BigBrowns good to see you again and even RScott showed up and remembered his rain coat this time. I'm sure I'm missing a few others, but thank you for coming out and bringing the kids!

Quick run down of the morning. Misty, light rain is falling with a good amount of people showing up. Typical Atlanta traffic, somehow the truck was able to make it to White Water in record time. They pulled in at 9:15!!!!!! By the time the last fish was hitting the river I'd estimate 40-50 people were there. In short time, there where about 1600 new friends swimming around White Water. Man did the hatchery hook us up. Nice way to start the morning.

There were several toads put in this morning and a few have already been educated. Do yourself a favor and get out while they are dumb.

Two highlights of the day were seeing if Lil' Heff or another kid had the brighter clothes on. Lil' Heff was sporting his NEON yellow rain jacket which could double as a beacon for incoming aircraft and the other boy in his just as bright Orange. Evidently the fish preferred the Orange as he reeled in a dozen fish in short time. I think everyone out there caught a few fish. The second highlight was watching RScott mentor a NPHS student that he's worked with for several years. I believe Alicia is a senior now and has really came a good ways from her first outing. Funny thing about it is as soon as RScott called it a day, she finally caught a fish. I guess him being a mentor is intimidating.

One last nugget for everyone to be aware of. Its warming up and the thieves are making it out. Don't leave anything valuable in your cars as I heard from a few of the regular dog walkers that there has been a few break ins.

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