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Jakkbauer 02-16-18 02:37 AM

Sweep the Hooch
Thought I'd pass this along the grapevine:

Sweep the Hooch - April 7, 2018

With a span of over 100 river miles, we are pleased to offer over 40 cleanup sites of walkers, waders and paddlers. This event is an enormous cleanup effort of your Chattahoochee River and tributaries… and we could not do it without you and the Team Leaders at each site. We are estimating over 700 volunteers!*

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THE EG 02-16-18 10:26 AM

Kudos, you beat me to it. I am going to move the thread to the "Events" forum up top but leave this in the Chattahoochee River" forum for a week.

Folks, you can talk about doing something for the river or you can actually do something for the river. Here is an opportunity to be a "doer". Sweep The Hooch is split up into three different segments; walkers, waders, and paddlers. Walkers walk the trails along the edge of the river picking up garbage. Waders get in the water and pick up garbage in the shallows where wading is possible. To be a wader, you have to own your own waders and wading boots. Paddlers move from one put-in to another and scour the river for hard to reach garbage. Paddlers have to provide their own kayak or canoe and be proficient on the river. Between the three, the Hooch gets a pretty good spring cleaning.

Trout fishers tend to be ideal for waders and many own kayaks for paddling.

If you are interested, take the time to sign up at the site referenced above.

pnome 02-16-18 02:24 PM

I signed up for the Gerrard to Island Ford section.

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