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gau16 03-02-18 04:00 PM

St. Croix Rod Repair
This post really isn't all that informative other than the fact that I just had an amazing customer service experience with St. Croix.

Long story short, I was given an Imperial rod by a friend with no idea how old it was.

Last week it cracked and broke in half.

I contacted St Croix and they quickly responded and had me send the rod back to them.

Once it arrived, I was given a PHONE CALL, not email, about my rod still being under warranty and they would be replacing it just for a shipping cost to get it back to me. I asked a bunch of other questions which were all answered happily.

I got the rod back in another 4 days.

Just a tip of the cap to St Croix and their customer service.

Another fine example of good companies taking care of their product. I am even more grateful because I had no proof of purchase or idea when the rod was from.

It will make me take a good look at St Croix when making my next rod purchase.

Mog 03-02-18 06:18 PM

Glad to hear you had a good experience. Growing up in northern Illinois I've been a longtime fan of St Croix. A few years back I had a problem with a rod blank that had a slight blemish in the finish (not noticeable to anyone and zero affect on rod performance, just bothered this anal rod builder). They replaced it without question. That rod has come to be my all time favorite ("The Duke", 9', 5wt, 4pc, SCV Legend).

JerryG 03-02-18 08:07 PM

Nice man. I love my St Croix. Good to hear theyll step up if anything ever goes wrong with it.


gau16 03-02-18 10:02 PM

Yeah buddy!:cheers:

JOHNKIES 03-03-18 09:41 AM

How the He11......
How the he11 did I do this? Finally got out to do a little fishing with my St Croix 5wt a week or so ago and had trouble getting hooks into the hook holder just above the grip. Wrapped up for the day, I was putting the rod away and took a closer look. The hook keeper looks like it got squashed! What was once a nice open loop now is barely wide enough to get a hook through. My rods are almost always fishing or in the case so how remains a mystery.

I bought this rod from Jimmy Harris over 15 years ago so I am going to blame Jimmy for selling me defective goods! 8- ) I really did buy this 4 piece rod from Mr. Harris to fit into my big suitcase when our daughter lived in Grants Pass, OR. Funny how my pack rod became one of my go-to rods. I actually hooked a steelhead on the Rogue with this rod. We got to see the fish jump twice and it even made the locals gasp. I was doing okay, but he finally wrapped me around a root wad or something and broke off.

Guess I will have to get the hook holder fixed!

gau16 03-03-18 09:57 AM

oh how we take our hook holders for granted!

-but maybe just a fix using some needle nose pliers and a gentle touch?

JOHNKIES 03-03-18 12:06 PM

I tried that using forceps and all I accomplished was pulling the hook keeper out of the wrappings on the front side of it. 8- (

gau16 03-03-18 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by JOHNKIES (Post 893877)
I tried that using forceps and all I accomplished was pulling the hook keeper out of the wrappings on the front side of it. 8- (

:yikes::yikes: Oh no! Maybe one of our local fly shops can do a repair like that rather then sending back to St Croix.

richf7 03-05-18 04:30 AM

I was browsing rods and reels last week and was amazed how St. Croix were so light and perfectly balanced. I have zero self-discipline and of course had to buy a reel to go with it. Canít wait to use it.

gau16 03-05-18 10:35 AM


I have yet to use mine since getting it back..Looking like Thursday for it's inaugural trip.

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