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SlowStreamer 03-17-10 06:12 PM

The Facts on New Parking Fee for Buford Dam Lower Pool Park
I know there was another thread already started about the new Parking fees for using the Lower Pool Park below Buford dam. However, I felt I needed to start a new one with what I learned today after talking with the folks at the Lanier Project Management Office / Visitor Center.

I went to the Visitor Center / Management Office off of Buford Dam Road and spoke with Mrs. Gail Cross in the office that issues the COE park passes. I explained to her that I was with NGTO and was looking to clarify some confusion. I asked her if the $25 annual NRA passes we purchase for other parks on the Hooch were valid for all or part of the lower pool park area. I explained to her that the new sign as you enter only mentions the $30 annual pass which also adds to the fog my simple mind was trying to see through.

I also told her that one of our members had spoken with a Ranger this past weekend and was told the NRA pass was good for the 1st lot but not for the lot near the ramp.

She did some checking and informed me that the New Ranger that made that comment was incorrect. The NRA annual pass is good for the whole park and you did not need to purchase a new COE pass. I picked one up from her any way cause I never know where I will get an urge to fish when on the road.

She also stated that if any of our members had any questions to contact Ranger Ken Weiner at 770-945-9531 ext.279.

I hope this clears up any further confusion, especially mine :rolleyes:

Mrs. Cross thanked me for helping get this information out cause they are also struggling to do the same thing.

If you do need a COE pass for other locations on Lanier or other National COE managed parks you can order the pass by filling out the form at the link below and mailing it in (Thanks Milton)

or you can go to the address below and pick one up for $30

Lanier Project Management Office/Visitor Center
1050 Buford Dam Road
Buford, GA 30518

Tight Lines !

Naturally_Fly 03-17-10 06:16 PM

Thanks for the info Sam...

Grizzz 03-17-10 07:01 PM

OK Sam, so the NRA pass is good at the dam but I would guess that the COE pass would not be good at other spots on the river, is that correct?

BeaverByte 03-18-10 12:49 AM

COE passes
If you get a COE pass it is going to be good at all COE parks on all COE reservoirs. NOT for the National Park Service. I had looked into one(COE) when I did alot of fishing at Allatoona, turned out my favorite in spot was a GA State Park so I never purchased it.
I guess the ranger that I spoke with was correct about the passes, although he didn't know about the release times. See that 2 days later they haven't stopped generating.

SlowStreamer 03-18-10 01:00 AM


Originally Posted by Grizzz (Post 578909)
OK Sam, so the NRA pass is good at the dam but I would guess that the COE pass would not be good at other spots on the river, is that correct?

That is correct Sir.

At least for most of us that fish below the Dam the annual passes we get to park in other parks already will work for us and we don't have to get another pass.

Musselwhite 03-18-10 09:14 AM

Thanks for clarifying, Sam.


keebler 08-06-10 03:34 PM

Thanks for checking on that. I was wondering where I could get the Annual Pass. Thanks again for checking!!

bigbirdga 04-25-11 03:42 PM

Where do you get the NRA pass? Seems to fit my situation better than the COE.

SlowStreamer 04-25-11 06:04 PM

You can get them online via the Ga NRA site, at Island Ford is where I usually get it cause there is a NRA office there and I can go in and pick one up. Also some of the parks (Paces Mill and Jones Bridge) have electronic tellers that you can purchase one.

Old Guide 28 03-29-12 08:14 AM

I called the COE and asked if the "Golden Age" passes are still valid on their property. They are!

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