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Originally Posted by Remoh View Post
Funny you say that Buck. Now I know where you are going to be and I'll come over there and try to beat you up.

I used to pick up the$20 rods and reels at Walmart when my former wife was around and ooo and awe at them. I had a crazy fund and could bring home Abel, Sage, Tibor and Loomis Stuff. She never knew. She thought every fishing rod cost $20
Dang good idea
"Fly Fishing Is Not A Team Sport"----Tom McGuane

The fisherman now is one who defies society, who rips lips, who drains the pool, who takes no prisoners, who is not to be confused with the sissy with the creel and bamboo rod. Granted, he releases what he catches, but in some cases, he strips the quarry of its perilous soul before tossing it back in the water. What was once a trout – cold, hard, spotted and beautiful – becomes “number seven.”
Tom McGuane
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