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Default Great day at Frog Hollow!

Had an amazing trip to Frog Hollow on Friday with my PB rainbow! Kenny Simmons was first class and went the extra mile to not only put me on some hogs but teach me so much about fighting and landing big fish, nymphing, reading water, streamer fishing and even knots. He is one of the the best guides I have ever had the blessing of fishing with.
Now, to the fish. I had 2 break off on me that I'm sure were good fish, and a couple of really good fish came unbuttoned, but did manage to land a fish of a lifetime at 25". Netted him, went to lift him out of the net for Kenny to take a pic and you know what happened next, yeah, flopped out of my hands into the water. Man I hated that, but Kenny can vouch for me to you naysayers . Went on to catch an 18" and 15" fish along with another smaller.
Had a truly great day I will never forget. Thanks Kenny! He's got a piece of heaven to fish on and some pigs to stretch your lines!
God bless,

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