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I've found there is no need for a swivel with a spoon fly. 6 feet of 20lb floro and roll on with life. Don't let anyone give you too hard of a time about throwing a spoon fly. It's just a redfish, don't let yourself get caught up in churching them up.

It the wind won't lay down, consider taking a spinning rod with you. I'm fond of a good 2500 reel with 30lb braid on a 6ft to 6.5ft medium action rod. My two favorite convential redfish lures are a Johnson Flats Intruder Spoon and a Heddon Spook.. The Heddon One Knocker is easy to walk the dog with and plenty loud; cutting the middle treble off the Heddon Super Spook will make it walk a little easier. Another benefit of the Spook this time of year is the trout you will pick up.

My photo uploading didn't work out. I'll try again at a later date.
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