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I went to Charleston a few weekends ago and caught them at low tide on Shrimp patterns and a few locally tied patterns (order a few of Brighton's Rhedd Butler from Lowcountry If you get the chance to cast at tailing fish, the go-to is usually a crab pattern (look up EP Crab patterns).

When I lived near the beach, I used an 8wt, but I've really enjoyed throwing a 7wt here recently. Right now I have an Arc Redfish floating line which I really like ( I've fished the Rio redfish and bonefish lines as well- those work fine as well.

Like the above guys said, 6ft of straight 20lb fluoro tippet works great. I've tapered a few with 20-12, but its not too necessary. I think that it is more important to get used to casting a bigger rod and bigger flies, especially if you have been casting size 20 nymphs every weekend.
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