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Default Time to go to Brown Town

Looking at my pictures from last year and funny enough it was this time last year that a buddy and I caught some great great browns on the hooch.

Today's weather was ideal. I loved seeing the trees change colors and all the leaves on the ground. Had to take a beauty shot of my stick. Sadly, I was a little late to the river and missed the morning bite, maybe.

Second cast in and missed a little fella. A few later, hooked a bigger brown and it jumped and spit my fly. Couple more casts to the same spot and got this first brown.

After that not a whole lot going on but kept chugging along for this second brown.

Wasn't a stellar day but felt like at any second I could get a quality fish. This weather is perfect in my opinion.

Finished with 5 in a few hours. Looking to get back out quickly during this time frame and weather...

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