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Default FM nails it

Originally Posted by fishmonger View Post
Reality check: Fish hatcheries concentrate fish poop into a single outfall, and they also hold many,many more fish than a river does naturally. So, even way downstream, there is much more fish poop in the water in a river that has a hatchery than one that does not.

This does not even get into the issue of disease leaving the hatchery, which is now being recognized as a huge problem even with salmon farms, which are generally floating in the open waters of the ocean and bays.

The Law of Unintended Consequences is very strong in the aquaculture business, whether a facility is run for fun or profit.

Totally agree with you FM, the heightened PPM of food, excrement and other things changes the water a good bit. The one thing that will vary though is due to the size of the river or stream how much it gets dilluted. When I was in Ennis this summer and saw the creek that flows out of the national hatchery I was blown away by how much biomass was in that little creek as a result of the runoff from the hatchery.
The diseases are a whole other issue in itself. Fish can get diseases similar to chickens or other foods that are kept in high population areas with little room to move around. There is a documentary about this and how it has affected the entire global salmon industry but I cannot remember what the name of it is right now.
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