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Default Last few week...

I finally am able to post pictures. So here are a few from last few weeks. I asked about brookslast week and had some good info and want to say thanks for the response.
Well I have fished Dukes, Amicalola,Smith and Dukes again today. Dukes produced some nice fish and very colorful fish. I hit Amicalola last week, first time I have been there. Found fish around the 11:00 mark down about half way between Steele and 53 in slower deeper water. Fun fishing one after the other. Well I wanted my first brook and hit Smith today. Found lots of fish, but could not get many to hit. Lost 2 but landed one, my first brook! Nice size female.
So loaded up and headed to Dukes. More decent rainbows but slower today.
Fishing today did come at the cost of my Orvis rod today. Broke it in the middle today. That’s part of it.
Just tickled to get my first brook, will be heading farther north to get a wild one next. Maybe time to hit the hooch more now cause been putting 250+miles each Sunday for last three weeks. Just having to much fun up there fishing.

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