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Originally Posted by baldea View Post
Beginning this month (Nov. 2017), the state will start using Track It Forward for volunteer hour tracking. This new hour recording platform allows you to enter your own volunteer hours, see your time sheet, and see where you are on the path to incentives.

This volunteer hour-recording platform will replace any current time recording efforts, allowing WRD to become more efficient. Given that this is a new program, we do ask that you be patient with this new process.

Please go to the GA DNR website to complete the volunteer application. Link below. It takes only a few seconds to register and it will help if you can get this done before the stocking.

For those that don't or can't register online, it does not prohibit you from coming out. A PDF of the waiver will be attached to this thread and I'll bring copies to the event as well. There is a new waiver so please don't use any old ones from past events.
They closed the signup at noon today (Monday), at least via the website. I'll print out the form and try to make it tomorrow with junior.
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