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I realize this advice is probably past its sell-by date as I type it, but a couple of thoughts:

1. If you're only going to fish on the inside a 7wt is adequate and an 8 is spot on. If you anticipate doing any significant amount of fishing in the surf, you might consider a 9. They're a little tougher to manage in the suds and swell.

2. Fishing in NC and the SC Low Country, I haven't found redfish to be terribly fly selective. It has usually been more a matter of just finding redfish and getting pretty much anything down at eye level in front of one without spooking it off. Pretty much all of the patterns suggested in this thread should work, and more besides, provided you locate redfish and cast reasonably well. Make sure you carry some flies with lead and some with bead chain. Some light/some dark across a range of basic pattern types (poagie/shrimp/crab). Like I said, I don't think they're overwhelmingly selective about flies, but my own bias is toward smaller patterns, stuff that will make a less conspicuous entry.
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