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Default Dukes 11/26

Hit Dukes with Team USA youth member JoshKimchi. He came a little late and I already had put 8 or so in the net. I lucked into two nice fish in my first 10 casts or so. The pair looked like husband and bride.

Mid morning into lunchtime produced some nice fish in the 12-14 inch range but nothing large. We fished section one and pulled some smaller fish out of the road hole but we saw a lot of large ones. Unfortunately the full sun had them clinching their mouths shut.

Most of the popular holes were filled with anglers as we worked upstream but we both managed to pick up fish here and there.

The Pavillion hole had an angler leaving so I made a couple of casts before Josh showed up. I had to leave a bit early so I let Josh take over and headed back down river. I decided to hit the road hole one more time but ran into the only other derelict wet wading - Fishbreath. After chatting a bit I headed further down to the root ball hole and it turned out to be a good thing.

Ten minutes later I had two more nice fish including the biggie of the day that I decided to end on.


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