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Rarely do I ever fish a floater unless I am throwing a topwater fly. Which is rare now for both river and lake fishing. I use to be a huge RIO outbound short fan as the lines are a dream to cast. However, with their latest intouch series I feel their lines have gone to crap! The line starts breaking down and cracking and eventually separating the outer core in a very short time period. While RIO has a great warranty department and will replace the line within a year, it is still a hassle to go through. I have swapped over to the SA Titan Clear series for an intermediate line and have been pleased so far. It is also similar in casting as the outbound short. The majority of my fly fishing is with an intermediate line. The second line I use most often is a full fast sink line. I'm now throwing the SA Titan 3/5/7 full sink. I'm pretty much targeting striper fishing year round.

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