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Originally Posted by ferrulewax View Post
Really? I'm not questioning your input Henry, believe me, you know a whole lot more about the striper game than I do. But I have been consistently out fished for the past couple weeks by people using floating lines, when I'm throwing an intermediate.

Perhaps the choice of intermediate line is at play here, but I think my intermediate gets the fly too low in the column too quickly. Maybe other intermediates would not behave this way. I'm throwing a cortland compact blitz clear tip.

Are you throwing the intermediate even as fish move shallow through winter?

I'm keen for any information you've got, haha.
That's debatable Sorry Henry, I couldn't resist.

I think there could be other reasons you got outfished, one big one just being the dumb luck of the fish coming up more often near the guys that out fished you. It could also be fly selection, leader material, stripping style, what was on your hands when you tied on your fly, and how you hold your jaw

For what its worth, I use a full intermediate for schooling and bank running fish, a full sinker in the dead of winter to try and pry one up from the depths, a floater for poppers/true topwater (rare), and an intermediate tip on the river. I don't like a floater for the schooling fish because it limits me to fishing way up high in the water column, whereas with an intermediate I can always fish up high by starting my strips soon after the cast, or can count it down and fish the stragglers below after the blow up has ended, which picks up a lot of fish. Also, the flies I fish on the lake right now sink very slowly, and a weighted fly on an intermediate (or really any) line can drop out of the zone pretty quickly.

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