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Originally Posted by ferrulewax View Post
Really? I'm not questioning your input Henry, believe me, you know a whole lot more about the striper game than I do. But I have been consistently out fished for the past couple weeks by people using floating lines, when I'm throwing an intermediate.

Perhaps the choice of intermediate line is at play here, but I think my intermediate gets the fly too low in the column too quickly. Maybe other intermediates would not behave this way. I'm throwing a cortland compact blitz clear tip.

Are you throwing the intermediate even as fish move shallow through winter?

I'm keen for any information you've got, haha.


You are getting out fished simply because your counterparts are better at feeding the fish. It's the sad reality of striper fishing. Your partner up at Unicoi I guarantee would be fishing an intermediate as well. There are lots of questions that need answering as there is not just one simple answer as to why you are not feeding fish as well as your counterparts. Are you fishing an intermediate with a fluoro leader? If so, why not fish it with mono if you think the fish are feeding higher in the water column. Are you tossing a fly that just doesn't catch many fish (like an Efly)? - back atcha FM
A weightless fly like a polar fiber minnow might do the trick instead of a Clouser or somethin' else. As for someone asking about line pick up on a shallow flat... I like the outbound short in an F/I combo. That has been my go to line. That is what is fun about sodium free stripers...they ain't easy. In conclusion, might I suggest sticking with a floating line for pellet fed trout


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