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There was a point after wrapping the thread where you had to sand the varnish around the guides. It was late in the afternoon, and I simply wasn't patient with the process. It was a delicate process because you had to sand the varnish to get it smooth, but at the same time, you had to be careful to avoid sanding down to the thread. I didn't take my time to get it nice and smooth, and you can see that in the finished product (at least I can).
One other thing, be prepared to be tempted to spend a lot of extra money and make relatively quick decisions regarding the rod and customization. If you want an engraving, come prepared with a design. At every step of the process there seemed to be some sort of upgrade option, as well as an important decision about how your rod would turn out, e.g., two piece versus four piece, eye insert, what style case, engraving, classic reel (hardy, etc.), hardware finish type (saltwater/freshwater), thread wrap color, etc.

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