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Originally Posted by eyeflyfish View Post
This is an interesting point. I currently have a 7'9" 5wt. and 7'9" 3wt. Both rods that I dearly love to use. The 5wt. has worked great in Idaho on the Henry's Fork, Snake and Teton rivers on fish up to 22". It has also served well on the Soque and Noontootla rivers here i GA. The 3wt is just awesome on the DH/stocked waters and the smaller blue lines I occasionally have the opportunity to pursue brookies.

What might be some suggestions for this rod in July? I do not do salt water fishing. I am considering a 7wt. because I hooked a fish in Idaho that we tangled with for 17 minutes and could not get it up. When the line broke it was frayed as if we got pulled under or against a deep rock.

FishinPreacher, I remember the story at the last boo festival up on the Toccoa about Bill "showing" the strength of the newly made rods in the ceiling fan!
The last one I did was an 8' 6wt. I built that specifically to catch some pellet pigs on some private water I fish. I have pulled in some fat 22" with no problem so I'm sure it would handle those Idaho trout just fine. And the tips were much easier to sand! That rod that went through the ceiling fan test was actually my rod and I still use that one today.
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