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Default Enjoy it while it lasts

Fished the northern end of the tailwater the last couple of days. The visibility is getting a lot better I can see bottom in knee deep water now. Take advantage of the stain while you can.

This year I learned that cloudy conditions call for nymphing heavy large bugs that are easy to see while sunny days are best using bright shiny midges. Today was sunny and the midge bite was on. Lots of small black flies are starting their traditional winter hatches, as soon as the water clears look to have to downsize your offerings a lot to get bit consistently.

Today was a good one, over 30 to the net in under three hours of fishing and all but 4 were browns. Nice size on a lot of the browns with at least 8 of them over 12 inches.

If you fish that section a good bit stock up on small soft hackles and midges as the water clears, and bowmans gnats as an adult dry fly imitation. I will try and put together a video on that fly sometime.


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