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Default 2017 Brown TroutPron

2017 was both a wonderful and vexing year. I blew up my motor during the best part of the year, I fought water levels all year, increased pressure on the fishery, and just generally had a more challenging go this year.

The fishery is getting more and more technical and I love it!

Thoroughly enjoyed fishing with the incomparable CHEFKY, Jerry and Phil, and also my bride to be, Jess.

This is a 2017 Recap of some of the better fish caught on the "Kyped-Up" (Yes I am actually naming my Jon that), either by myself or the crew.

I interacted with more 25"+ fish this year than ever, but managed to shoot myself in the foot on landing rates more than previous years. Easily 6 or 7 fish that size lost this year.

Go Get You One in 2018!

The Mac Daddy of 2017 - The 27.5 inch Troll (Those of you who know the location know why I say this)

Then in no particular order.

I like em big fat and sloppy.

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