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Originally Posted by gau16 View Post
Here's today.

The browns were straight bull dogging flys today. They took it and just RAN. Solid 14-16 inchers but they dug down and hugged bottom or became very acrobatic.

Like T said. Water was clearer than it has been so I switched from an orange bug to a more natural one and that got them moving.

Another small small tip. At one point I felt like I wasnt really ticking bottom so I moved my indicator up about 8 inches maybe and right after that started catching. Maybe was the right move or just coincidence.

Fun couple of hours!

Yeah, dude - it was sick out there today. Clear, but not too clear - can get reasonably close, but...
I started nymphing then that wind that is so common on the TW whipped up, switched to Dry-drop - had a combo of nymphs under the dry, one flashy(ish) and another more natty - they didn't care, would eat anything that came near them. I was tempted to toss in an empty hook, but didn't have any..
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