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Originally Posted by Swamp Angel View Post

That is so wonderful to read from someone on the message boards here. We're known as North Georgia Trout Online. We're not North Georgia Fly Fishing Online. Although the majority of our members are fly anglers, we're all about catching trout by whatever legal method one may choose to employ.

I started out with an ultralight spinning set-up when I first hit the 'Hooch in a canoe with my wife. It was wonderful! We caught all kinds of trout and had a wonderful time. Eventually I had to try this fly fishing thing that everyone seemed to be so excited about. I truly sucked at it for an overly long time, but eventually I got the hang of it to a small degree.

I now fish for trout exclusively with a fly rod just because of the more intimate connection with the fish, but I would be in the wrong to declare someone to be a lesser angler than me because of their choice of conventional rod and reel over a fly rod. The fun and enjoyment is had in catching the fish, however you choose to do it, as long as it's legal.

Thanks for mentioning this, Phil. Every once in awhile it's nice to be reminded that you don't have to be a fly angler to fully enjoy catching trout. And as another point, please keep in mind that not all of us fly anglers are snobby elitists. We're in north Georgia. Most of us are redneck, hill-billy, or just plain rubes. (Except for RScott, Buck Henry, GatorByte, and a couple other high-falutin' snobs who only sip the finest scotch - neat - while on the river. :ke
I began fly fishing for trout on the fly rod. I started fly-fishing for bass and bluegill when I was 11. Graduated to trout shortly thereafter. Have been fly-fishing for trout ever since. About a year and a half ago, fly fishing just became ho-hum for me. Streamers? Done it. #24 midges? Done it. Tightlined? Done it. Dries? Done it way too much. Catfish on a 2 wt and San Juan worms? Done it. Snook, Jack's, baby tarpon, reds, lady fish on the fly? Done it. I was looking for something new, and turned to primarily spin fishing for the last year and a half. I still fly fished bluelines for specks and I still fly fished for stockers (you might remember the "trout on poppers" thread I posted back in the summer), but the vast majority of my time in the last year has been spend catching trout on crankbaits, tube jigs and ball jigs with grubs, and plastic craws with oversized tube jig heads. And this year, consequently, I have landed some of the biggest trout of my life. Fishing cranks is a learning process in smaller waters like I fish around Helen. Not all cranks drift the same. In fast water, most go belly up. They seldom work on a downstream retrieve. Sinkers and suspenders are better than floaters. Lots of crank baits won't even hardly work in small streams. (Rebel trout crank and YoZuri Pins minnow come to mind). Rebel craws work on slow upstream or diagonal retrieve. Otherwise they go belly up.
Oversize tube jig heads make a Yum crawfish drift too much in fast water, and 1/4 oz ball jig heads will ALWAYS get you jammed up n the bottom.
I had to learn these things, amongst MANY others, by trial and error. It took a LOT of time and practice, and I can guarantee you that spin fishing is 100% every bit as technical as fly fishing when you're not targeting dumb stockers. The last year on the spin has been one of the most satisfying of my fishing career, and I BEGAN it on the fly. If you think landing a 20" trout at Dukes, or at a private operation is an achievement, try netting a 27" wild brown on the tailwater on a crankbait like Alex. You'd better pack a lunch, and have the patience of a saint.
I respect all forms of fishing. Now, and the last year and a half, more so than ever. Glad to see Alex absolutely and completely take every one of us to school. I've enjoyed the education!
Outstanding work Alex. Hard work pays off. You are a big brown wizard, and I long to emulate your big trout prowess!
Keep at it!
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