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Default Itís time to invest in a bigger net.

Today started out great with 6 fish in about 45 min. Then the bite stopped for a while with the occasional fish here and there. It went back and forth like this all day.
One of the super purty browns.

The rain started picking up. I knew the bite would slow down, but I also knew the big ones would be wandering about.
As I was trying to decide a 14Ēer came along and hooked himself on the micro bugger I was swinging. That made my decision pretty easy.
I fished another half hour with nothing. As I was fishing my way out I threw my fly into some deep slack water and BAM I hooked into a hog. Once I got her off the bottom she started jumping like crazy. Unfortunately she slid out of my hand before I could get a proper perspective picture.
But she was at least as long as the last one I caught and MUCH phatter.

I almost forgot. I started the day out with my first double. One of em did weasel their way off as I was netting em, but still, that was pretty cool. I think I ended with somewhere near 15-20 netted. It was by far my best day in a while!

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