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Default Dam good day

Headed for the dam this morning to hook up with splatek16 for a few. Met jkwolek1971 in the parking lot. Started off slow but ended up being my best day at the dam. 15 to hand, because I didn't have sense enough to bring my net, in 3 hrs. Only 2 bows in the bunch. Amazing how the bite would turn on when the sun peeked out, then off again when the clouds took over. Used a variety of flies, all 16/18 and mostly naturals.

Had my heart broke when I hooked a hog brown that was laying right next to a downed log....and didn't have a net. Dumbass. Easily my best fish out of the 'Hooch. Broke him off at my feet trying to figure out how to grab him to release.

Joe did net one for me while we were chatting so only 1 pic....thanks to Joe.

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