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Default Hootch in the 70's....What a change now...

I remember as a teenager parking the truck on the side of 2-lane Hwy 141 at Medlock Bridge and carrying the 14' boat , motor and gear down the rocks alongside the bridge ....Some days it'd be a trout on almost every cast for hours...Beetlespins , Shysters, Mepps...We finally figured out to pull out at Jones Bridge with a shuttle vehicle... Got reprimanded by a Ranger and had to quit that under the threat of tickets (he said rafts were OK , not boats !) ....Back to carrying the rig back up the rocks at the bridge...Don't ask me why, we just listened to "the man"...Does anybody know what year the Medlock ramp was put in ?....I had stopped trout fishing, other than the occasional wet wade, and started crappie fishing the south for a few years before I decided to use the ramp and get serious again....That would have been sometime mid 80's..

Oh. we did the 20 bridge a couple of times also....Would "jump" the cut at that first big rock upstream....Saw several boats swamped there....Rainbow Ranch would let us pull out on their side, but not put in...

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