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Man that water clearing up nice, still murky down yonder ways. Bows where pretty small though. Thanks for the heads up Rich. The Nepalis where keeping everything, but left a few for me after they left biggest one was 8". Walts, mops (always work better for me in a little stain)

I worked through that hole missing a bunch then came back around after they left and did well before I left. I wanted to throw buggers today but haven't been out in almost a month and I was so eager to get out and try my waders I left my buggers and SD card in the my new camera.

Luckily, met this guy Steve around the island and he gave me one of his buggers (very similar to what Richard mentioned) and it didn't take long to land a nice post-spawn female (thanks Steve, nice metting you!) around 14.5, but no pic so it didn't happen.

Talked to a Tenkara guy and saw him pick up a few small ones as well. Fish haven't really spread out yet but once you find them they are there.
I might get out tomorrow if its not too nasty.

I recon the nepalis read Big Ts other post and came.
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