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Originally Posted by Buck Henry View Post
Well, these were my childhood memories of the Hooch. At the time, I had no idea there were trout swimming under my drunk a$$!

The good ol' days = Lawn chair on top of cooler in banana yellow coleman raft . No bad vibes. No one-upmanship. Zero f$cks given. No holier than thou attitudes. Big fish in the river. Coke bottle glasses. Old school, pull tab Budweiser cans.

Now = super space technology rods/ reels, 3' streamers, $10k drift boats ( minimum, if you wanna maximize your chances at catching fish- more less be a guide... ), $150 chest packs, online casting lessons, Every single f$ck given & now all dudes must rep a holier than thou attitude...

I'm kidding, btw...
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