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Originally Posted by The Ole Man View Post
From the article huntfish noted--

The first trout stocked in the river, however, were not deposited by the state wildlife agency, then called the Game and Fish Commission, but by a group of avid fishermen with the Atlanta Chapter of the Izaak Walton League, who later formed the first Trout Unlimited chapter in the state. These anglers wanted to see trout in the river, and after not getting any cooperation from the state decided to take on the project themselves. In 1962 they pooled $2,500 and bought 12,500 rainbow trout fingerlings sizes 2 to 4 inches long from a trout farm in North Carolina. The owner there was so impressed by the project that he threw in another 2,500 brown trout fingerlings. The fish were released after dark in the shoals of the river approximately 1 mile south of Old Jones Bridge in Norcross. The trout survived and within a year had grown to 12-14 inches, a growth rate of nearly 1 inch per month.

Just to note-- $2500 was a far more sizable sum in 1962 than it is today. In 1962 you could buy a new car foe $2500.

So if someone were to dump in about 5000 proper smallmouth bass they'll be viewed as a hero in half a century? I'm on my way to Michigan with a clean tanker truck and started a kickstarter......

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