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Originally Posted by ChaChung View Post
Nice fish man.

I went out yesterday for a few hours and it was tough! Only had 1 rainbow to net. 2 LDR. The water is clearing and maybe that's why? Or it may have been the sudden drop in water temps. Talked to 3 others fishing and they weren't having much of a day either...

It's because they are so fed up on stoneflues.

They won't move far and are in the same but different locations. Same spots, but about 5 feet away from 2 or 3 weeks ago when they were off the channel side depth contours off the back side of structire.

They won't chase far.

Think so shallow and so deep in the wood that their backs must be dry. Bank side front of structure in fast fast water.

It's a grinders game right now.

It's certainly not because they aren't eating, the inverse.

Every fish I've caught the last week has literally been coughing up size 8 stones. Distended bellys (not spawning, farther up the bodyline).

Wood wood wood over a hard bottom with current.

As FM said, it's tough but can be done. Definitely far far far more technical fishing. With a smorgasbord of big protein in front of them you have to be ON IT!

Once you dial them some epic days can be had as they tend to group up.
I like em big fat and sloppy.

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