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Originally Posted by browniez View Post
It's because they are so fed up on stoneflues.

They won't move far and are in the same but different locations. Same spots, but about 5 feet away from 2 or 3 weeks ago when they were off the channel side depth contours off the back side of structire.

They won't chase far.

Think so shallow and so deep in the wood that their backs must be dry. Bank side front of structure in fast fast water.

It's a grinders game right now.

It's certainly not because they aren't eating, the inverse.

Every fish I've caught the last week has literally been coughing up size 8 stones. Distended bellys (not spawning, farther up the bodyline).

Wood wood wood over a hard bottom with current.

As FM said, it's tough but can be done. Definitely far far far more technical fishing. With a smorgasbord of big protein in front of them you have to be ON IT!

Once you dial them some epic days can be had as they tend to group up.
They are literally picking the stoneflies off the logs as well. The fish that we have had come out this week were SUPER tight on structure! Yes the fish have looked skinny lately but these stoneflies are fattening them up fast! I wonder what the growth rate is right now...

Originally Posted by fishmonger View Post
One good side effect of the cold weather: shad kill. We will probably see a shad kill this winter, the way temps are trending. If you hear about it, or start to see dead 1-2" shad in the drift, it is time. The closer to the dam the better. Try a white Bugger, or a #2 Shad Kill eFly (thus the origin of the name of that color scheme), and it is game on. Let it drift a lot with an occasional twitch. Lots of fun!

Or, based on what Alex said, try some big stone fly nymphs!

43 degrees for the lake seems to be the magic number from reading up on various sources. When was the last recorded shad kill on the river you all can remember? Would like to go back and see what the weather conditions leading up to it were( i.e. how many days of cold and how intense was the cold).
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