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Default Schedule of power point and tying seminars

Here is a list of the seminars for the upcoming fly fishing show... You can plan your day around certain must see seminars

Power Point Seminars:

Catch Room
10:00 Kevin Howell – Kevin Howell – 50 Best Places to Fly-Fish Southeast
11:30 Bruce Chard – Flats Fishing the World
1:00 Gary Borger – Fishing the Film
2:30 Bob Clouser – Fly Fishing For Bass, Top to Bottom
4:00 Henry Cowen – Fly Fishing Fresh Waters for Everything but Trout

Release Room
10:30 John Shaner – Spiders and Soft Hackles. Ancient Flies for Modern
12:00 Jason Randall – Euronymphing, Tightline and Other Nymph Fishing
Secret Weapons
1:30 George Daniel – Streamers 2.0
3:00 Jimmy Jacobs – Georgia’s Back Country Trout Streams
4:30 Landon Mayer – Trout Tips 2.0, New Secrets and Tactics for Selective

Catch Room
10:00 Nate Brumley – Dry Fly Approaches
11:30 Jason Randall – When All Else Fails; Catching Trout on Tough Days
1:00 Mac Brown – Improving Presentation
2:30 George Daniel – Situational Nymphing
4:00 Bruce Chard – Grand Slam on Fly

Release Room
10:30 Kevin Howell – Beyond the Cold Water
12:00 Landon Mayer – Successful Season: Techniques for Hunting Quality
Trout all Year
1:30 Henry Cowen – Fly Fishing for Sodium Free Striped Bass
3:00 Gary Borger – Nymphing from Top to Bottom
4:30 Jimmy Jacobs – Wading for Georgia’s River Bass

Featured Fly Tying Seminars:

10:00 Landon Mayer – Signature Guide Flies: Quick Step Durable Ties That
Catch Fish
11:15 Henry Cowen – Flies Worth Their “Weight”
12:30 Jonathan Kiley – Mastering the Baitfish
1:45 Dave Whitlock – 3-Caddis Vertical Emerger Flies
3:00 Enrico Puglisi – Tying Trout Flies with Synthetics
4:15 Gary Borger – Down and Dirty Flies

10:00 Dave Whitlock – Vortex Divers
11:15 Henry Cowen – Tying Fresh Water Striped Bass Flies
12:30 Bob Clouser – The Fur Collar Bunny Buster, Clouser Style
1:45 Gary Borger – Dry Fly Designs
3:00 Kevin Arculeo – Fun with Foam Flies
4:15 Tim Flagler – Size Matters – Tips, Tools & Techniques for Tying Hooks
From Size 24 to 3/0

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