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Default Volunteers Still Needed

Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe it's already January 2, 2018? I look forward to this new year and the journeys that lie ahead.

The Fly Fishing Show - Atlanta begins in a month - February 2 & 3. We are fortunate to have secured a non-profit booth.

Having said that, please consider stopping by the show to take it all in.
NGTO will provide free access to five volunteers each day. Additionally, I have 20 pre-paid tickets for entrance for $10 daily - saves $5 from gate entrance. Contact me to coordinate for the free/discounted entrance fees. First come first served.

Need to rest your feet or your wallet? Come on over and spend some time in our booth and share your experiences. Sign up for an hour or two - I'd really appreciate it.

This is an amazing opportunity to share our organization with all in attendance.

"Not every Soldier is a Joe"

You can support the NGTO Mission Statement and Help Ease DNR's Budget Woes. Buy a TU License Plate!
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