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Default Tying as a creative outlet

I have been tying for the past couple months and have filled a couple boxes with your ďstandardĒ wet flies. I have an enough hares ears, prince nymphs, zebra midges etc. to last me at least the entire year.

Lately, I have been trying to get creative using unfamiliar materials and tying fun variations. This has easily become one of my favorite creative outlets. Who would have known that blending dubbing would be fun??

These arenít necessarily tied to catch a lot of fish, but rather to experiment and see how I can use materials differently.

Hereís the latest from my vise...

Candy Cane hares ear:
Unnecessarily flashy & a little late for the holiday season.This one caught me a couple in the hooch two weeks ago.

Hares mask/ with a heavy dose of white lazer dub. CDL tail. Red wire & Krystal flash ribbing. Tried a tinsel and pheasant tail wing case but the tinsel won the fish over.

I havenít fished this one and I donít know what to name this. I guess it could be considered a caddis pupa imitation? Just tied a couple last night. My main motivation was to make a fly with two previously unused materials:

1)BIG T gifted me some senyos shaggy dub in my last order(thanks again!!) I wasnít sure how to use it. Itís a stretchy, rubbery material that I assume has some neat action in the water.
2) Much to my wifeís dismay I raided her knitting yarn. I noticed it had a lot of complexity in its color. Made a body from the yarn strands and then shredded it to make some dubbing.

This one was a heck of a lot of fun to tie. Hoping I can develop it a bit and catch some fish. Want to experiment on how to effectively use that shaggy dub.

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