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Default Corporations/Business Taxes

Any business or corporation today paying the full 39% (or whatever it is) tax rate needs to immediately fire their CFO. The tax code is very complex and thousands of pages to deal with all the exceptions, exemptions, and "free" government money they utilize. Well managed companies pay more like an actual 8% to 12% tax rate and then some of that is offset by state tax credits.

If I wrote the tax code it would read like this: For every $100 in profit send Uncle Sam $8. There would no longer be exemptions, deductions or tax-exempt status, not even for churches. Collection plate has $100 in it? Set aside $8 for Uncle Sam. Make a killing in the stock market or real estate? No capital gains .... make $100 in profit, sent aside $8 for Sam.

However. The only arm of the government bigger than the US Military is the IRS. You think that fat cow is going away anytime soon?
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