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I've got an interesting theory on the coloration.

Disclaimer layman's logic.

John, Splatek, and Dylar I would enjoy your opinions on my theory.

I feel like the red accents on our browns (the strongest I have ever personally seen), and also perhaps some level of the coloration of stream bred bows, may have something to do with nutrient/pigmentation pass through in the food chain.

Similar in concept to how flamingos assume the pink pigmentation of their food sources. Is there any biological reason this could not occur in trout?

I know color/spot variations tend to run along strain lines to a degree, and are impacted by natural selection.

Given our red clay substrates this seems like it could be somewhat viable, given that there isn't a biological reason that fish cannot exhibit the same principles as a flamingos. Different classes of Phyla Chordata be durned.

This observation is entirely anecdotal as I am going off memory, and I have skipped some geographic areas of the south, but generally I seem to recall rivers in areas that have a more red clay based geology producing more red accent dominant browns.
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