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Originally Posted by browniez View Post
You can catch them about as many ways as you please.

Streamers, nymphs, emerergers on a dry dropper right now, jerkbaits, crankbaits, spinners, trolling, deep diving crankbaits, hair jigs, soft plastics, trolling crankbaits, trolling spoons, vertical jigging spoons, literally any way you can think of. Shiny and moving.

The problem is more finding them in open water than what they are willing to eat.

I wouldn't be looking deep at the moment though. It's just tracking the depth and having an idea of the points and ambush spots.
It sounds like you could catch a few bass at the same time. I Googled Big Canoe, and it looks like a good place to spend some vacation time. My sort of New Year's resolution is to get off of my backside and start fishing these places I keep reading about. That is a long list that just got longer.
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