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Default still water

When targeting still water trout, understand that unlike a bass, a trout constantly covers water and does not sit on structure like other lake fish. Their need for higher oxygen content keeps them moving, and thus they eat A LOT.

Rainbow Trout feed on a horizontal plane. They find a depth that suits them for a time period and stick to it, This is when the multitude of lake lines comes into play.

Brown Trout feed on a vertical or horizontal plane. They will go wherever the food goes. No comfort zone here for the most part when it comes to lake feeding.

I tell the DD guys to have a type 3, type, intermediate, and midge tip. This covers most scenarios, and a cassette reel is great at making line changes easy. An Aiflo sweep 5 is an awesome line for covering water and depths to get the fish figured out. This can be the difference in 3 fish in an hour or 25 fish in an hour. When you find that depth and retrieve, don't change it up. When that bite stops, you go back to searching and lock it down when you start having success.

Would anyone want Dead Drift to host a Stillwater fishing clinic at one of the several Free Stillwater options we have in Georgia?

As for Callaway I didn't see on their recent website anything on Trout for this year and I was told they were not stocking trout this year. Myself and Justin from Gink and Gasoline who guided there came down on day to find that everyone was no longer employed as far as Guides except possibly Tom but I can not confirm that. I do know that there are some serious crazy things happening to the gardens from a black chain link fence on sections of the beach for 1st class patrons, to an increase in bars and decrease in actual gardens, and subbed out contracted companies running recreation activities that cost extra after already paying a pretty high gate price. Mountain Creek Lake still fishes well.
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