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Originally Posted by benvan View Post
Final Standings for the 2018 Gold Cup!

1 Joey Walraven and Patrick Clarke

2 Ricky Ozmar and Alex Boyer

3 Mason Sims and Tyler Cornett

4 Ryan Peck and Grant Hawse

5 Marc Thompson and Steve Jacobs

6 Austin Shoemaker and Ben Green

7 Thomas Perrie and Matt Dorsey

8 Stephen Tomasovich and Scott Brown (WON SENIOR DIVISION)

9 Tucker Horne and John Zimmerman

10 Michael Bradley and Roger Wilson

11 Benjamin VanDevender and Derek Geldhauser

12 Forrest Johnston and Ben Comfort

13 Derrick Ogilvie and Seth Sullivan

14 Jeff Harrison and Jake Howard

15 Gabriel Wittosch and Robert Lux

16 CHRIS ABELLANA and Billy Beard

17 Stuart Schmidtke and Mike Slay

18 Kyle Quattromani and Justin Hunt

19 Joseph Kwolek and David Reeves

20 Robert Elliott and Mark Adams

RScott and BigT win "senior division!" I'm not sure if I should give them grief or curl up in the corner in a fetal position realizing that I'm not 27 anymore.

Congrat's to all! The photos of those huge trophy trout say it all!
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