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Default Oyster Bamboo - Make your own

So, I attended the class a few years ago. Rented a cabin on the lower Tocoa River. Went to class during the day and fished in the evenings. Lots of other places to fish nearby, as well. As was previously stated, the number of hours you put in depends somewhat on your capabilities and the capabilities of the rest of the class. People work at different paces and that is where the keg comes into play.

Be careful. After attending the class, I built a few rods at another guys shop. He was kind enough to let me build rods for myself if I also built one to donate to charity. I have since set up my own shop and am in the process of building my 14th and 15th rods. I kept some, gave one to my uncle who got me started fishing and fueled my passion for it. Also, sold a couple and donated 3 to different charities. I still have 5 at the house. This fish in my avitar was a 28 rainbow that I caught in Alaska on my Oyster class rod. Also made a 8.5 9 wgt that I used in Alaska to land a 25 lb king salmon.

You will not be disappointed. I certainly was not.
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