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Default Thank You - Volunteers

I'd like to thank everyone who volunteered to man our booth during the two day show. I'm thankful Saturday - I got to get out and spend some of my time and money with some exhibitors at the show. Thank you - Kelly.

Trout8myfly - thank you for the slideshow and all of the additional information you provided to me and/or our booth visitors. I felt much more comfortable with my what is NGTO about pitch. I now mention it's "free" and it does gain attention.

I lost count at how many already NGTO members stopped by and talked for a few minutes. It really impressed me at how far and wide the NGTO message board has reached people who have an affinity for fishing. Fishing is all inclusive of fly and conventional gear in either fresh or salt water.

Thank you to all of you who reported or asked questions with your account or other issues in accessing our message board. I will summarize and send to the appropriate board member(s).

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