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Yeah, I get the whole attractor aspect of it. I would say I incorporate some sort of hot spot/ tag/ butt or shiny tinsel in the majority of my flies, and I definitely see the importance of trying to imitate an egg. I was just curious to see if anyone felt strongly one way or the other. It seems like itís pretty much split. I think Iíll stick with the basic, more versatile colors for now since there are still a good number of materials Iíve yet to purchase. For example, at the fly fishing show Rscott kept going on and on about the importance of ultra violet fourth dimensional dubbing or something crazy like that. Saying that fish see through time and space. I think he was pulling my leg, but I figured Iíd search the web just to be safe.
Plus, now Iím getting into streamer tying. There goes another paycheck in fur and feathers...
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