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Went to Florence a few years ago. The whole city was covered in garbage, I'm talking Soprano's style full on sanitation wars. The Camorra control the garbage trade over there (pretty much the same reason my city has only one option for garbage) and tried to spike prices but the people wouldn't pay so there was garbage piled up in the streets.

Its really one of the coolest renaissance places. I would recommend hitting the bullet train and head up north if youre looking for fishing. They're fairly cheap.

Stay out of spanish town!
Our enemies are those in league with imperialism- the warlords, the bureaucrats, the comprador class and the reactionary section of the intelligentsia attached to them. The leading force in our revolution is the industrial proletariat. Our closest friends are the entire semi-proletariat and petty bourgeoisie. As for the vacillating middle bourgeoisie, the left wing may become our enemies, and their right wing may become our friend. Our enemies are all around us. We must always be on our guard.
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